About Us

Admor specialise in the manufacture and supply of keyboards and mice for the medical sector such as Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Medical Centres, Laboratories and Dentists.

We aim to provide the medical sector with medical keyboards, medical mice, medical mouse mats all products that can be found situated in multi user areas that each operator can easily and regularly cleanse with a recognised antibacterial or alcohol based cleaning agent thus reducing the spread of MRSA, Cdif, Noro Virus, E Coli, and Salmonella.

The SterileFLAT medical keyboard is designed to have a totally sealed but flexible flat surface. It features an antibacterial silicone custom barrier membrane. No raised key surfaces to hinder cleaning, no areas where, unlike conventional keyboards dirt, debris and possible infection may build up.

Our keyboard can be thoroughly cleaned in situ.  There is no need for the keyboard to be removed, taken to a sink to be washed and then having to wait for it to dry before operation. The membrane surface can be cleaned with recognised antibacterial or alcohol based agents/products such as Chlor-clean or Difficil-s commonly used in hospitals with full confidence it has received a thorough clean.

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