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SterileFLAT Medical Keyboard & Mouse Ideal for Increased Infection Control Compliance in Dental Clinics

SterileFLAT AMK Ltd is witnessing great interest in their SterileFLAT Medical keyboard and mouse range from dental clinics. This demand has arisen due to the changes over the last two years in the UK Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) 01-05 dental infection control regulations. These changes have significantly “raised the bar” in terms of the basic infection control compliance standards dental surgeries must adhere to.

Numerous studies have highlighted the potential health risks associated with infection growth on unsanitary computing equipment; reports suggested that even a standard office keyboard can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat. The sensitivity of a dental environment where bacteria transfer is achieved very easily means all sensible precautions should be taken. To help combat the risk of cross-infection from computing peripherals Rainbow Service Ltd have developed the SterileFLAT Medical Keyboard and Mice product range.

The SterileFLAT Medical Keyboard and Mice range use latex free silicon rubber with Nano Silver content for added protection. They can be wiped down with Antibacterial or Alcohol wipes or recognised hospital deep clean products such as Chlor-clean. The name SterileFLAT is derived from the fact that the keyboard is flat – having a totally flat keyboard allows the ease of regular cleaning by minimising the disruption to normal work flow. The SterileFLAT Medical Keyboard and mice products are designed to promote effective and efficient infection control practices.

“Our products were initially developed for use in hospitals and have proved very successful, we have seen growing demand from other areas including dental surgeries” explains Rainbow Service Ltd Director, Gary Carter.

Gary concluded by saying “The SterileFLAT Medical Keyboard and Mice products are a great solution to the problem of infection control compliant peripherals – they allow users to follow strict hygiene routines with quick and easy to wipe clean surfaces. You can disinfect the keyboard and mouse thoroughly and be back working again in no time at all.”

How clean is your keyboard?

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