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SterileFLAT on move to keep up with demand

KEYBOARDS:  Expanding business has new premises at Space Centre

SterileFLAT AMK Ltd the UK manufacture of the SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical Keyboard are expanding to keep up with demand from the UK and Europe. SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical Keyboards, mice and antibacterial mouse mats are powerful cost saving tools helping to reduce the dangers of cross infections such as MRSA and other Staph related bacteria, Cdif, Noro viruses, E Coli, and Salmonella. Visiting the company recently and meeting the team Wokingham MP John Redwood said; “the keyboards look like a winning idea which is catching on with various hospitals and surgeries.” Winning Idea : Wokingham MP John Redwood, third from the left. SterileFLAT AMK Ltd has been supplying the IT Industry with high quality products since 1995 (known as Rainbow Components Ltd). They now specialise in the manufacture and supply of Keyboards and Mice for the medical sector such as Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Medical Centres, Laboratories and Dentists. They aim to provide the medical sector with medical keyboards, medical mice, medical mouse mats all products that can be found situated in multi user areas that each user can easily and regularly cleanse with a recognised antibacterial or alcohol based cleaning agent thus reducing the spread of MRSA, Cdif, Noro Virus, E Coli, and Salmonella. SterileFLAT AMK Ltd designed the SterileFLAT medical keyboard to have a totally sealed flat surface. It features an antibacterial silicone custom barrier membrane. No raised key surfaces, no areas where unlike conventional keyboards dirt, debris and possible infection may build up. The membrane surface can be cleaned with recognised antibacterial or alcohol based agents or products such as Chlor-clean or Difficil-s commonly used in hospitals in the full confidence it has received a thorough clean before the next user.

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