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SterileFLAT medical keyboards and the SterileMOUSE range can be cleansed with recognised antibacterial or alcohol based agents or products such as Chlor-clean or Difficil-s commonly used in hospitals in the full confidence it has received a thorough clean before the next user.

Due to being a cost effective solution to assisting in killing MRSA, Cdif, Noro Virus, E Coli, and Salmonella our products have been widely adopted and used in the following market sectors;

Vist our You Tube video that demonstrates how the SterileFLAT Medical Computer Keyboard and mouse can be easily cleaned on a daily basis.

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With our on-line shop you are now able to purchase SterileFLAT Medical Keyboards, SterileMOUSE-Laser Mouse, SterileMOUSE Optical Mouse and SterileMAT Antibacterial Mouse Mats at excellent online pricing that will save you time and money.

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