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How clean is your keyboard?

Most of us have heard the that computer keyboards could be dirtier than a toilet seat. While that statement is startling, many wonder if it’s actually true.  While levels of germs vary from keyboard to keyboard, some have shown higher levels than those on a toilet seat, which is a frightening fact.

A computing magazine ‘Which‘ turned the microscope on over 30 keyboards in a typical office and found some had harmful bacteria that could put their users at high risk of becoming ill. In one case, a microbiologist recommended the removal of a keyboard as it had 150 times the pass limit of bacteria, and was five times filthier than a toilet seat that was swabbed.

Shared keyboards on hospital wards or other clinical environments can become breeding grounds for Healthcare associated infections (HAI). Infections that are acquired in hospitals or as a result of healthcare interventions

By upgrading your keyboard to a new SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical Keyboard you get a conventional style keyboard that has RoHS Compliancy and a Nano Silver impregnated Antibacterial Silicone latex free membrane barrier.

SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical Keyboard can be regularly washed with a recognised antibacterial or alcohol based cleaning agent every day, thus reducing the spread of MRSA, Cdif, Noro Virus, E Coli, Salmonella and Airborne Viruses.

Here are some tips that can help you clean your SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical keyboard quickly and effectively;

An easy fast wipe clean surface – SterileFLAT is designed with a totally flat keyboard surface that enables you to clean the keyboard effectively with a hospital approved antibacterial/alcohol based wipe or an approved deep clean agent e.g. Chlor-Clean a chlorine based product.

When cleaning the surface with a wipe leave surface to dry naturally rather than dry with a clean cloth.

The typical installation locations of the SterileFLAT Antibacterial Medical Keyboard;

  • Infecton Control
  • Intensive-care units
  • Operating theatres
  • Patient rooms
  • Pediatrics
  • Labs
  • Dental
  • Mobile carts (Cows)
  • Nursing stations
  • A & E

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